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Four days until my first radiation treatment. The usual array of feelings that come with not knowing how I am going to be with this part of treatment, will I be really fatigued? Will I need the help of my parents again, like I did chemotherapy? Always some uncertainty. I am planning to use visualization during radiation to imagine healing rays entering my body. Honestly, though I think the rigeur of attending the hospital daily for four weeks play a day is the tiring part. Also an emotional week related to a cancer death of a much admired public figure here in Canada. I already wrote about that on my more active blog (see profile).
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Vital Info


August 14, 2011

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

February 6, 1972

Cancer Info

Breast Cancer

invasive ductal carcinoma

January 12, 2011

Stage 1

Grade 3








None - found on MRI from high risk screening; family history of breast cancer - do not carry BRCA 1 or 2 - geneticists are interested in my family

Feb 11, clear lymph nodes, clean margins

took Docetaxol (Taxotere) after FEC - finished chemo July 22

Aug 29 for 4 weeks plus a day

herceptin, started with Docetaxol - 17 infusions every 3 weeks


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